Flow of Larger
Device Screens
In the past, we have evolved our cyber experience with larger screens, but due to the limitations of the size of devices that can be carried by humans, we think we will eventually face the limit of larger screens. For this reason, we believe that from now on, customers will not experience the cyber world through their devices, but will evolve into an experience in which they will immerse themselves in the cyber world.
Toward a Future where
Real and Cyber
Unconsciously Merge

Developing Devices for the 5G Era and Beyond

We will reduce the distance between reality and cyber and
create a future where reality and cyber unconsciously merge.

Evolution of Devices
In line with the evolution of 2G, 3G, and 4G networks, content is becoming richer and
richer in expression from text to photos, and then to music and video, and devices have
become higher resolution and larger screens from feature phones to smartphones.
By unconsciously combining real and cyber, personalized information and 3D content are projected in front of customers in various places in their daily lives in a way that integrates into the real world. Games, communication and live experiences will also evolve.
DOCOMO's R & D focuses on the CPS (Cyber Physical System) as one of its themes.
CPS aims to improve the real world by collecting various information and data from the real world (physical world) on the cloud (cyberspace), forecasting and estimating the future using AI, and feeding it back to the real world.
We want to provide new value to our customers through "Evolution of Devices" which is the point of contact between cyber and physical, and also the point of contact with customers.
    • This is a concept to provide new experiences and value through a wide variety of peripheral devices and service solutions utilizing them.
    • Edge AI
    • This is intended to provide added value that cannot be achieved on the cloud by processing AI on the device side.
In addition to enhancing the customer's experience of immersion, we are also engaged in the development of device technologies such as MY NETWORK and Edge AI in order to provide seamless use of a variety of devices on the spot and to provide new added value through AI on devices.
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